How to choose a live-in home caregiver in Illinois

Clarify Your Needs: 24/hr or Live in?

Often when searching for a caregiver, our customers are confused about whether they need 24 hour care, overnight care, or live-in home care. Here’s the difference: 24 Hour care means that your caregiver will be fully awake and attentive throughout the night to provide the care the client needs. Whether that is bathroom assistance, sitting bedside, turning in bed to help avoid bed sores, sleep walking, medication reminder or anything else they may need. The 24 Hour caregiver is always ready. Often this looks similar to a 3rd shift job with the 24 hour caregiver being that 3rd shift.

Live in care is a bit different. Live in caregiving is just as it sounds, the caregiver is actually lives or resides in the senior client’s home. They will be available in the night for things, however, they do get to get their rest as well. Their “on the clock” hours are typically calculated by the day as opposed to by the hour. One of the great things about live in caregivers is that the client gets used to them being around and are comfortable with their presence.

With overnight caregiving, the caregiver typically will serve the client a few hours prior to going to bed and during the night (if needed), and a few hours in the morning when the care recipient wakes up. In many cases, the overnight caregiver will stay the night relatively uninterrupted. In this case, the caregiver's presence in the home at night is thought of more as a safety measure, or as an "on call caregiver help". It is not expected their help will be required every night.

For many families, live-in home care is the alternative to putting their loved one in an assisted living or nursing home community. It allows them to stay in their home, but receive the care that is essential for them to thrive. It also lifts the weight of the family member that may be providing the care alone.

What can I expect live in caregivers to do?

Live-in caregivers have similar responsibilities as the typical home helper, except they are there 24 hours. Typical expectations include:

-Communication with the family members and the members of the care team

-Medication reminders

-Cooking and meal preparation

-Transportation to appointments and social centers

-Companionship and communication

-Personal hygiene help

-Restroom assistance

-Dressing and getting ready for the day

-Assistance in moving around the home

-In some cases, just general supervision

How much is this going to cost me?

Live in care is costly; however, it is typically less costly than paying for multiple shifts of people to come in. Depending on the level of care needed, the costs for live in care can range between $150-$250 per day.

If your loved one has long-term care insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, you will need a doctor's report confirming the need for in-home care. Original Medicare does not cover personal home care if it is the only care needed, but some Medicare Advantage plans do — check with your plan provider. For this reason, long term care insurance is recommended.

Sometimes you can find live-in caregivers at the lowest price, by going with an individual instead of through an agency. However, that means the caregiver is likely lacking insurance, proper vetting, and certification. For such an important decision, it is recommending to go through a home care agency to ensure the safety and proper care of your loved one.

Things to look out for when selecting the right person

Why Right Choice Live-in Home Care?

Right Choice Home Care is a care giving agency that provides certified, insured and background checked caregivers throughout Cook, Dupage, and Will county. One of the unique things about our agency is that we are a ‘certified dementia practitioner.’ What that means is that we are qualified to provide excellent courteous care to our elder clients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Below is an example of one of our recent live-in home care is as follows.

5 Days a week (the family cared for her on the weekends)

2 Caregivers

Each alternated after working 3-4 days at a time

Provided daily living care to the client

If you are interested in more information about live in care giving, please call Right Choice Home Care at (708) 832-6628 or toll free at (866) 799-5955. You can also book a free consultation online.


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