How to Help an Aging Loved One Through a Mental Health Decline

Mental health issues can affect anyone at any age, but older adults are more vulnerable to depression and other mental illnesses on average. According to the World Health Organization, 15% of adults aged 60 and up have a mental disorder. However, mental illnesses are not always a normal part of the aging process. If you […]

Dealing with Stubbornness in Parents Living with Dementia

Expert Advice on How to Communicate, Gain Cooperation, and Understand Behavior   Caring for aging parents provides adult children with the assurance that they are providing loving care. It also allows them to create more memories and spend more time with their parents as they approach the end of their lives. However, caregiving is not […]

How Respite Care Aided in the Restoration of a Family Relationship

Caring for an elderly loved one can and will be taxing. Even the most devoted daughter or son risks burnout and personal health problems while carrying this massive responsibility. The nuances of care and its challenges are seismic enough to alter the dynamics of a family. That is why it is critical to consider respite […]

Respite Care: A Low-Cost Home Care Option

As seniors across the country continue to age and live longer lives, the level of care they require grows. The enormous pressures of senior caregiving can cause family members of elderly loved ones to crumble. Housekeeping, emotional support, medication management, legal and financial supervision, and other duties may be assigned. Unfortunately, caregiver burnout can occur […]

Alzheimer’s Home Care: Assisting with Managing Alzheimer’s

Living with Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult for the entire family. Whether your family has professional Alzheimer’s care assistance or you are caring for your loved one on your own, each day can seem like a new set of challenges and developments.   One of the things that makes Alzheimer Home Care so difficult is […]

How to Create Space for a Live-In Caregiver

Moving another person into a space that was designed to fit only one person is a difficult task. We have some pointers and tips to help you prepare for and adjust to this new way of life.   Gradually reduce your size. If you decide to bring in a caregiver, don’t rush to clear out […]

How Does Live in Home Care Work

Seniors and adults with chronic conditions and illnesses must not be left alone at any time of day or night in case they require assistance or there is an emergency. This can be difficult for families because few can designate family members to be in their loved ones’ homes 24 hours a day. Leaving a […]

5 Tips for Cutting Back Your Alcohol Consumption for Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

While science has yet to definitively determine what causes Alzheimer’s disease or the best practices for Alzheimer’s disease prevention, new research suggests that the causes may be traced all the way down to the liver. How you manage your liver’s health now may have an impact on your own Alzheimer’s disease prevention. Here is how […]

Home Care vs Home Health Care – What is Right for Us?

The phrases “home care” and “home health care” are often interchanged, but the services they provide are vastly different. Learn about the senior care programs provided by each to see which one is the best match for your needs.   Types of In-home care services  Identifying the gaps in a caregiver’s roles and obligations between […]