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As we and our elderly loved ones age, it’s best that we look into the best options of care. This tasks can be overwhelming and frightening, but Right Choice Home Care is here to help. In this article we will be speaking specifically about live-in home care and how it can be a benefit to you as we move forward. 



What Actually Is “Live-in Home Care”? 


The words “live-in” and “24-hour care” are often confused. However, they are two very different forms of treatment. The care provider of “Live-In” Care lives in the home of the elderly person. They are allowed at least eight to ten hours of rest and sleep each night, despite the fact that they sleep there at night. During those late-night hours, they are only supposed to assist their senior client with minor tasks, such as going to the bathroom.


Shift caregivers in 24 hour treatment, on the other hand, are required to stay on full duty for the duration of their shift, with only one or two brief breaks in between. The most popular form of 24 hour care consists of three 8-hour shifts during which the caregivers are awake and fully functional.


Highlights and Benefits of Live-in Home Care


Care recipients who choose live-in caregivers benefit from having someone with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have made the fundamental decision to stay in the sanctity and security of their own homes. Such care recipients appreciate the live-in schedule for many reasons:


In-home treatment is a safer, more reliable living alternative than assisted living facilities because of the cost savings associated with live-in arrangements.


Duties and Responsibilities of a Live-in Caregiver


Live-in caregivers typically follow the same care routine as hourly caregivers:



Determining if Live-in Care is an option for you and your family is a gradual process. Changes in your loved one’s mental and physical state will arise over time, necessitating further treatment. You must keep in mind that your employee has rights and expectations. While an illness that keeps a caregiver up longer than normal for one or two days can be necessary, continued sleep deprivation is not only unhealthy for the caregiver, but it may also affect the standard of care he or she can provide. Although different situations exist, it is time to turn to 24-hour treatment if your loved one needs constant nighttime monitoring or care.


Looking for a caregiver? We have high-quality, affordable caregivers you can count on here at Right Choice Home Care. We give full and free consultations to all who are interested in and in need of quality home care for their loved one. No question is too big or small. Make the Right Choice! 


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