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Seniors and adults with chronic conditions and illnesses must not be left alone at any time of day or night in case they require assistance or there is an emergency. This can be difficult for families because few can designate family members to be in their loved ones’ homes 24 hours a day. Leaving a loved one with a serious illness or condition alone at night is not only stressful for the family, but it is also dangerous for the person in question. It is advantageous for families in this situation to work with a home care agency such as Right Choice, which can provide 24-hour home care.

Live-in Home Care for a Loved One – Caregiver at Work

Many families caring for elderly loved ones find the idea of live-in caregivers appealing because they provide an alternative to assisted living or nursing homes by providing around-the-clock or overnight care in the home. In this article, we’ll look at how live-in caregivers work, how much they cost, what Medicare and Medicaid benefits are available, and what other financial assistance and payment alternatives are available.

With our 24-hour home care and live-in care services, Right Choice Home Care can assist those who require in-home care 24 hours a day in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas. We will have a trained and licensed caregiver in the home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so your loved one will never be left alone at home during the day or night.

How Live-in Home Care Works

There are two types of live-in caregiver situations: temporary and permanent. Those in which a caregiver must be provided with a sleeping space (and a bed) and those in which a caregiver is not required to be provided with a sleeping space and a sleep break. This disparity has an impact on both the amount and type of care provided, as well as the overall cost of care provided. Both situations necessitate the availability of the care recipient to provide care at all times, including during the night. The terms “live-in” and “24-hour” care are frequently used interchangeably to refer to the same thing. However, while both types of care are essentially the same in that they involve a live-in caregiver, there are significant differences between them. Which will be discussed in greater detail below. Additionally, in addition to “live in” and “24-hour” care, there is a third option for live-in caregiving, which is “overnight” / “daytime” caregiving.

Live-in Caregiving Services at Home

A primary caregiver who works between 4 and 5 days per week, providing 24-hour care during this time, is typically assigned to “live in” caregiving. The caregiver is given an eight-hour window of time to sleep each night (with this type of care a bed must be provided). Despite the fact that his or her sleep may be disturbed in order to provide care throughout the night. As an added bonus, the caregiver is given a 4-hour break during the day during working hours. Depending on the care recipient, his or her needs, and the decision of the family, another caregiver may or may not take over for the primary caregiver during this time. On the days when the primary caregiver is absent, an alternative caregiver fills in.

24-hour Caregiving Services – Residential Care

With “24-hour” caregiving, there will be two or three caregivers who will work 8-12 hour shifts in the care recipient’s home, providing “round-the-clock” care for the person receiving the services. This type of live-in care is more appropriate for individuals who require a higher level of assistance. Sleeping breaks are not provided with this type of care, unless the family chooses to allow the caregiver to sleep in their home.

Overnight/Daytime Caregiving – Overnight Care

Typically, when providing overnight caregiving, the caregiver will provide care a couple of hours before the care recipient goes to bed, throughout the night (if necessary), and a couple of hours in the morning when the care recipient awakens. The majority of the time, the caregiver is able to sleep during the night, as long as the needs of the care recipient permit it to be done. In some cases, the caregiver and the care recipient may both live in the same residence. Alternatively, a caregiver may provide daytime assistance while also living in the home and providing nighttime assistance on a “as needed” basis. It is more common in this situation for the caregiver’s presence in the home at night to be viewed as a safety precaution or as a “on call caregiver.” It is not anticipated that their assistance will be required every night.

The Right Choice for Care and Live-in Caregiver Support & Services

Our live-in care services are one of the care options we provide for those who require a caregiver to be present in their home at all hours of the day and night. With these services, we will assign two live-in caregivers who will alternate living in the home for three to four days at a time. One of our caregivers will always be present in the home 24 hours a day to assist with personal care and any other assistance required in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

When you call Right Choice for live-in care services, a member of our staff will come to your home to meet with you and your loved ones to assess their care needs. We will then develop a care plan with your and your loved one’s input to ensure that one of our caregivers is always present in the home. Personal care, medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, and light housekeeping are all services provided by our live-in caregivers.

Our live-in caregivers will wake up with your loved one and assist them with their morning routine, including bathing and dressing. We will then be awake and present throughout the day to provide personal assistance and assistance around the house, such as housekeeping and meal preparation. We will assist your loved ones with their nighttime routines and get them to bed in the evening.

If your loved ones have recently lost a spouse, have recently returned from the hospital, or live alone, they may benefit from our live-in care services. You can count on our caregiver to provide quality care to your loved one while always treating them with respect and compassion.

Right Choice 24-Hour Home Care

Our 24-hour home care services differ from live-in care in that there will always be a caregiver in the home who is awake and ready to provide assistance or respond to emergencies. With our 24-hour home care services, we will once again assign two caregivers to your loved one, who will alternate every 12 hours. These caregivers will be awake for the duration of their shifts to provide any assistance that is required, and they will not require their own space within the home to sleep at night.

Those suffering from chronic conditions that necessitate constant attention may benefit from the attentive care provided by our home care services, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our caregivers will be awake and ready to respond immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you and your family complete peace of mind.


Right Choice Live-in Care Center

If you have a loved one in the Chicago area that is need of live-in caregiving, you may be concerned about how to manage the care they receive while balancing your own work and community responsibilities.


Right Choice Home Care in Chicago is one company here to help! We offer quality Alzheimer’s home care services to help your loved one’s age gracefully in the comfort and safety of their own family homes.

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